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Mens Health

Many Australian men do not take the necessary time to care for themselves by visiting a General Practitioner as often as they should. They have specific health needs that require attention throughout their lifetime.

Australian men are more likely to get sick from serious health problems like cancer than Australian women. Their mortality (death) rate is also much higher. The poor health status of Australian men is complicated because men are more likely than women to shy away from medical treatment. The lack of health awareness and unwillingness to adopt a healthier lifestyle also disadvantages men.

The main aim of a check-up is to detect illness early or prevent the disease from occurring in the first place. We are committed to improving the health of our male population by providing
screening and preventative health programs to our male patients. We provide:

  • Health assessments
  • Cardiovascular Profiling
  • Weight management
  • Exercise Programs
  • Cancer screening (Like Bowel & Prostate)
  • Mental health services
  • Diabetes risk assessment
  • Skin Checks
  • Men’s full health Checks
  • Cholesterol checks
  • Genetic checks

Our doctor will help you decide where you want to be and help work out a plan to get you there with a personalised health care plan.

Call our reception: (07) 3263 9951 to book or to ask any further questions.

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