Get your diagnosis, prescription, specialist referral or medical certificate from the convenience and comfort of your home or office in 3 simple steps.

Consult a Doctor Anytime, Anywhere with the SmartCareDoc App

‘SmartCareDoc’ is an online application allowing you to securely and remotely see doctors as well as get a diagnosis, a prescription, a specialist referral or a medical certificate in 3 simple steps. With the help of the video consultation service, you get direct access to Australian registered doctors at a time and location that suits you.

This app gives you the ease of seeing a doctor 24 hours and 7 days a week without the hassle of waiting in a clinic or making an appointment. If you are short on time and needing to see a GP urgently (and it’s not life-threatening), download the ‘SmartCareDoc’ app, select visit option and schedule an appointment.

During the online consultation, it is important to provide your doctor with detailed and honest answers. Like any normal doctor appointment, we make sure your treatment is safe as long as accurate answers about your health and current medications are provided and recorded. This ensures our heath professionals to be able to make the best consultation for your condition!

How to Get my Prescription?

After completing your online assessment, you can reorder your scripts online. ‘SmartCareDoc’ app doctors are Australian registered professionals who provide a consultation that’s safe and effective, that can authorise prescriptions for your condition.

Once the doctor approves your assessment and your consultation has ended, medication is prepared and dispensed from our trusted Australian registered pharmacy, and dispatched at your preferred pharmacy via an electronic prescription produced by the GP. No prescription is required, as our doctor generates this as part of your consultation.

How Do You Get Started with ‘SmartCaredoc’?

The ‘SmartCareDoc’ app makes it simple to book your consultation with an Australian Registered GP online within 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Download the ‘SmartCareDoc’ App & Register.

Get started by registering and creating a profile, or for returning patients, simply log in using your username and password.

Step 2

Make an Appointment & Confirm Your Details. Proceed to Payment.

Schedule your appointment. Choose “Now” to connect immediately to a doctor or schedule and appointment for a later time. Complete your appointment booking by confirming your personal details and your preferred pharmacy, and proceeding to payment.

Step 4

Complete Your Appointment Online in the ‘SmartCareDoc’ App.

Join a video call using your smartphone, tablet or computer and discuss with your doctor. A prescription or medical certificate may be provided by the GP.

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